Dan Piesing Fully scaled

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Ben Langdale 29lb 8oz

Ben Langdale 17lb

Joe Miles 29lb

Sam Ridler 25lb

 Zak Hayes 19lb

Zak Hayes 24lb

Zak Hayes 27lb

Jay Bowers 30lb 4oz

Nathan Dufosee 24lb


Jay Bowers 31lb 5oz



Ben Langdale 18lb 3oz


32 lb 5oz - Common Mark Arnell


Michael Kemp with The CHUNK 34lb

Dan Piesing 25lb 15oz Fully scaled

Simon Spencer with THE CHUNK @ 35lb

Dan Murrell with THE CHUNK @ 32lb 8oz

Daz Grayson

David Young 35lb 7oz

David Young 24lb 4oz

Brian Young 22lb
Brian Young 20lb 10oz_small

27lb 4oz Brynn Bauckham

28lb Steven Taylor

Stuart Walshaw

Stuart Walshaw

Stuart Walshaw

Steve Walshaw

32b 9oz Martin Richards

35lb 2oz Eddie Dawson


33lb 6oz Mr Hickinbottom


28lb Sam Dawson


24lb Big John


19lb 8oz Jake Mitcheson

19lb Tim Hickinbottom

22lb 8oz Paul Young Stephen White


20lb Stuart Walshaw
20lb Steve Walshaw

21lb 5oz Steve Halsall

24lb 8oz Gary McCarthy
23lb 4oz common pb_Tommy Start


27lb Adam Knowles

33lb 6oz Matty Hollifield
20lb 2oz Nathan Tunstall


28lb 12oz : Raimon Hartley




30lb 7oz : Mike Baines


24lb:  John Butler

26lb 4oz Steve Halsall

27lb 12oz : Andy

32lb 13oz john small

31lb 2oz : Stuart Garwood

Sean Haycock 32lb 8oz

32lb 8oz Raimon Hartley

26lb 4oz Mike Parkes

21lb Raimon Hartley

22lb Common Raimon Hartley

17lb Mike Parkes

Mike Parkes

Mike Parkes

Mike Parkes

24lb 4oz Ray 003_small


23lb Raimon Hartley

29lb 1oz

21lb Raimon Hartley

20lb Mike Parkes

24lb Tony

24lb Tony


21lb 8oz Mirror caught by Raimon

17lb 10oz Mirror caught by Victor

Troy Smith with 27lb 8oz Mirror

18lb 4oz Mirror caught by Mark Penny

35lb Common Nick Griffin

30lb 8oz Mirror Raimon Hartley

33lb 12oz Common caught by Big John

31lb "Elma" caught by Alistair McGibbon

25lb Mirror Raimon Hartley

21lb 14oz Mirror Brent Osborne


32lb 15oz Common David Anderson  May 2007

29lb 12oz Fully Scaled Raimon Hartley May 2007

31lb 2oz "Elma" John Butler May 2007

27lb 13oz Leather Taz Warner May 2007

30lb 4oz Mirror Steve Halsall April 2007

29lb 8oz Alan "Nobby" Nobes March 2007

29lb Taz Warner February 2007

18lb Mirror Jenny Francis February 2007

18lb 8oz Mirror Raimon Hartley January 2007

21lb2oz Mirror Raimon Hartley January 2007

30lb 12oz Common John Butler December 2006

Raimon Hartley December 2006

26lb 8oz Leather Raimon Hartley December 2006

20lb 13oz Mirror Joe Bradshaw September 2006


28lb Common Mike White September 2006

Martin Legg September 2006

31lb Common MarkPerry July 2006

33lb 14oz Common Phil Chun June 2006

25lb 5oz Mirror Kieron May 2006

21lb12oz Mirror Martin Legg May 2006



21lb12oz Common Jim April 2006



29lb 3oz "Elma" Chris February 2006
26lb Common Raimon Hartley February 2006

22lb 2oz "Chinese Common" Wayne Linbrick August 2005




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