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Bait Deals

Getting the best out of your fishing

Over the years, it has been recognised that some of the best tactics, which really produce results here at Wildmoor, are:  

  • Using a bait boat, enabling bait to be delivered accurately  (sometimes at distance) with minimal disturbance
  • fishing over beds of quality, properly prepared particles, which holds the fish in your swim

Tecnicat Mk II


We have an Angling Technics Technicat Mk II which can be hired for £15 per day i.e £45 for a weekend session or £60 for a Monday to Friday session.  If you're here for a full week it would be £90, saving £15.







We can also provide a fantastic spod mix which contains Hemp, Maize, Pigeon Conditioner, Rolled Barley and Sweetcorn - PLUS our secret ingredient!




This is available in either 

  • 6 Kg deal    £12.50
  • 12 Kg deal       £20

If you hire the bait boat and would like 12 Kg particles as well

  • Weekend Special       £60
  • Weekday Special       £75
  • Full week Special     £105

These deals are really great value for money!

If you would like to hire the bait boat, please call 07711 826 459 to reserve it for your session.

If you would like to pre-order bait and have it ready and waiting when you arrive, please call us at least a week before your session to let us know what you would like.



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