Tips, Tactics & Bait

Getting Amongst The Carp!

Wildmoor Waters, although well stocked with 500+ hungry carp, is a fairly pressured water & can prove a little tricky under certain conditions - adjusting tactics accordingly can reap rewards.

Tactics can generally be adjusted depending on the time of the year, weather conditions & sighting of fish -

Spring, Summer & Autumn Months

The following are generally a good starting point:-

If on a short session, or overnighter a simple PVA bag of pellet with a food bait pop up (Cotswold Baits UFO works well for me) cast at showing fish will usually come up trumps. It has the advantage of not spooking any fish with markers/spods etc.

If you have a little more time & conditions are good (South Westerly wind, low pressure) & fish are not that obvious can pay to give them a fair bit of bait. Have often used upwards of 20kg of mixed pellet & maybe 5Kg of boilies in a 24hr session. Sometimes they will really have it & bait needs to be kept regularly topped up. Often a simple food bait pop up over the top is all you need.

If the carp are fizzing heavily, they often will have their heads deep in the silt & pop ups are often ignored, a simple switch to a 14mm bottom bait, & small bag of pellets cast at the fish will often work. 


Winter Months

During the winter, especially in high pressure conditions highly visible baits tend to come into their own. Yellow is very popular & produces more than its fair share of fish. It will often draw fish to the bottom when they find it more comfortable to sit in mid water.

A simple 10mm yellow pop up (Cotswold Baits Tutti Technipop) or plastic corn alongside a tiny bag of Micro pellet mix is all that is usually needed. (This has been extensively tested on on Wildmoor over the last year or so). The new range of PVA friendly particles also offers the fish something a little different to the norm.

In the occasional low pressure during the winter again food baits will come into their own, and a more spicy bait will produce.

With regard to rigs etc. there is no need to be overly complicated & keeping it simple is all that is needed. A simple short braided hooklink, size 8 or 10 Korda wide gape, 2 oz inline lead works well within a solid bag. Alternatively if you prefer mesh bags or sticks a slightly stiffer hooklink material such as Gardner Stealth Skin will keep you tangle free, a little putty on the hooklink will keep things well pinned down and out of the way.

Fixed leads and lead core are not permitted at Wildmoor so many anglers use tubing such as ESP anchor to keep things well out of the way. Slack lines can also prove advantageous when there are are more than a few people fishing.

Overall, although many may think this obvious, it pays to be as quiet as possible, keeping markering & general bankside disturbance to a minimum & the fish will often come to you.

Microbarbed or barbless hooks can be used on Wildmoor. Only “safe” rigs may be used. If in any doubt please ask.

Nuts and artificials are banned. Other than these, most other baits are acceptable.  Baits with a high oil content should only be used sparingly to preserve the water quality.

Bait Tips

A number of anglers have been experiencing a lot of success using Mainline “Cell” which has been responsible for taking a number of good fish.  

Carp can be taken on a number of types of bait including pellet, boilies, corn and natural baits such as maggots have also proven to be successful. The water has a prolific bloodworm population and Cotswold Bait Creations liquid bloodworm is a great dip for most baits.

In warmer weather fish can be readily taken off the surface using floating dog biscuits and even bread.


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As from the end of October 2019, we will be closing our gates to anglers for the final time.  After 20 years developing the fishery and the accommodation, we have decided that it is time to move on.  We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has come to Wildmoor over the years and who have helped to make the fishery what it is today.

We would like to reassure everyone that has booked to come to Wildmoor between now and the end of October that nothing will change at the fishery whatsoever and if you do have any queries please feel free to call on 07711 826 459.

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